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Tips about oral hygiene you’ll wish you knew all along!🦷

How do you decide what toothpaste to use? Does it really matter what kind you use? The answer is yes, kind of…

Toothpaste, brushing, flossing & mouthwash are really just INTERVENTION techniques, not PREVENTION.

What we really should be paying attention to is the food we are eating. Sweets can wreck havoc on your teeth, while leafy greens, apples, celery, almonds and carrots are great!

Since we aren’t likely to avoid ALL foods that can create plaque, let’s at least become informed of what to look for when toothpaste shopping. Check out this article to learn what ingredients to look for:

Here’s some super helpful tips I’ve discovered along the way for great oral health (I’ve never had a cavity 😁):

✨Clove vitality essential oil is strong tasting but works wonders- mix in with your toothpaste or buy toothpaste that already has it like Young Living’s Thieves Aromabright (here)

✨Orange vitality essential oil seems to brighten my teeth – add one drop to your toothpaste & toothbrush each night

✨Activated charcoal is a good natural teeth whitener – dip your damp toothbrush in and scrub the black powder everywhere. Then rinse and brush with toothpaste normally.

✨You can pretty easily make your own mouthwash – no harsh chemicals or dyes needed – use water and Dead Sea salt (regular salt is OK but dead sea salt has additional beneficial minerals) and whatever essential oils you think are yummy (only Young Living Vitality EOs though please, as other brands have not been approved for oral use and could be dangerous)

✨Swishing with organic apple cider vinegar (the kind with the mother) is great for oral health!

✨Oil pulling with coconut oil is great for your gums but time consuming and little yucky since it’s best swished in your mouth for 10-20 full minutes 😝..adding a few drops of orange vitality essential oil makes it a little more palitable

✨Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and Triclosan in your toothpastes at all costs

Now gimme your best oral hygene tips!

Me with my enormous but cavity free teeth!😁
There are many great toothpastes on the market but my kids a big fans of this one!

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