Business Opportunity, Toxin-Free Living

Want to get essential oils for FREE??

Could you or any of your friends use an extra $200 a month?  Or how about an extra $2,000 a MONTH?  I teach and share about health, wellness and essential oils and I’m looking for people to join my team!  Teaching and sharing is as easy as hosting a few friends in your own home to talk about oils or as big as doing live classes on your Facebook page!  The more you teach, the more money you make because people (well most people) want to be healthier but sometimes they just don’t know how!  You can help them!!

We are currently in the midst of a movement, and I’m not talking about politics, I’m talking about health!  People are finally realizing that no one is really looking out for them, that not everything sold in the grocery store is actually safe to eat or slather on our bodies.  But our friends and families don’t know that they have another choice!  You can help them and I can show you how!

Companies are slowly beginning to realize that people want healthier products.  Every time I visit the store, I notice more things that say USDA organic or “all natural” or “pure”, which is great, but you have to be careful.  “Pure” is not really a great word.  For example, for a bottle of essential oil to be labeled “pure” in this country, it only has to be 5%…5%!  How is that pure???  We need to help people become aware of this, teach them to read the labels on their products, and show them which products are the highest quality.

Friends don’t let friends buy products from untrustworthy companies.  I trust Young Living because they are VERY transparent about their farms and distilleries.  You can visit a farm and see how their organic plants are hand weeded and distilled at peek quality using ZERO solvents.  You can watch the process from Seed to Seal, NO ADULTERATION.  More people need to know about them!  Young Living cares more about the health of people than they do about money and their compensation plan proves it!

If you want to learn more about essential oils, read my blog articles, follow my Facebook page or shoot me a message!  I need help getting the word out there!  Young Living is here for us and more people need their essential oils in their homes. You.Can.Help.  Message me or visit and Become A Member to get 24% off everything and be invited to a secret Facebook group!  We are going to have so much fun learning together!  Welcome to my team!!


Since we discussed money here, be sure to review Young Living’s Income Disclosure Info!

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