Welcome to my blog!  Here I chat about health, skin, wellness, essential oils, toxins, cleaning, DIY recipes, organic living, food, kids, etc. Essential oils (the real ones, not the kind you buy in stores) have drastically changed my life and I will NEVER go back to a life without them.

So for those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Christine. I am a mom, CPA, motel manager, organic microgreens grower, backyard chicken farmer and wellness enthusiast. My standards for food, hygiene products, makeup, essential oils, and supplements are EXTREMELY high. I’ve seen more than enough people go through every awful disease that comes with “standard American living” so I’m determined to make a life that is different.

Over 4 years ago, I purchased Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit (get yours ~HERE~), which came with 12 amazing oils and a gorgeous diffuser, and began learning everything I could about this whole new world of holistic therapy that our doctors had never mentioned.  My entire family thought I was crazy but once they started seeing the benefits, they became believers too! Now my husband says things like “Can you put that stuff on my knee again?” And my kids say things like “Can I have the tummy roller?” Or “Can I take my probiotic now?” (Haha – who’d have thought I’d ever hear my 7 year old saying that??)

Anyways, with my family healthier and my skin clear, I am now on a mission to share the wellness with all of you!…and anyone else who will listen to me!  Check out my simple tips on Instagram that you can start incorporating into your life right now! I’m no doctor but I do have lots of real life success stories so message me with questions anytime!