Welcome to my blog!  I love to chat about health, skin, wellness, essential oils, toxins, cleaning, DIY recipes, men, kids, etc.  I teach essential oil classes right out of my own home but not everyone can come to my house so I post everything you need to know right here and on my Facebook page!   This site also helps me stay organized because you should see my folders and notes…YIKES

Sooo for those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Christine. I am a mom of two and step-mom of one. I am a CPA with my own tax accounting business and during the warm months, I run the office in my family’s little motel on Scarborough Beach in Rhode Island.

Over 2 years ago, I began searching for new ways to improve my skin and overall health (I’d had enough of my family getting colds and stomach bugs all winter year after year) and happened upon the website of one of Young Living’s top wellness coaches.  I immediately purchased the premium starter kit (you can get yours ~HERE~) and began reading everything I could about this whole new world of holistic therapy that our doctors had never mentioned.  My husband and family thought I was crazy at first but once they started seeing the benefits, they became believers too!

Anyways, with my family MUCH healthier and my skin improving tremendously, I am now on a mission to share the wellness with all of you!…and anyone else who will listen to me!  I love teaching so stay tuned for additional learning opportunities by following my Instagram page.  I love sharing what I’ve learned so message me and ask questions anytime!!

Love your new wellness coach,